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A major manufacture and suppliers of GPS Tracker, fitness equipments and IoT services, ThinkRace Technology is serving people from more than a decade. We provide OEM/ODM/JDM services to our clients and business partners as per their requirements. We offer customizable solution of mobile app and web platform also.

With 12 years of Hard work

Providing end-to-end solution to the clients according to their business needs and their own prototype, ThinkRace will always give its best to do so. We are China based company with our sub branches in India, Canada, Vietnam, Netherlands, Indonesia, with a team of 300+ workers and 80+ engineers both software and hardware. Our reputed clients are top business leaders like, Tata, Reliance, G4S, Airtel, Vodafone, Huawei, Orange TM, one2track, Viette and so on.

Mission and Vision

With our high goals for ourselves and whole industry we believe in innovation and creativity along with advanced technology. With the professional team of developers and designers we deliver services with latest technologies like Rola, TSL Encryption, MQTT, support FOTA, Protobuf format, 4G, AWS IoT SDK and open API. Amazon lambda server helps us to keep our customer’s security safe.

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We are a team of most skillful professionals in the industry of GPS Trackers

At ThinkRace Technology we prepare ourselves for the future by keep on working intensively in upgrading technology.we believe innovation is a continues process and we are good with that.We provide best in class OBD trackers which is our one of the most liked product by our clients. With the IoT service we become one stop for the client all tracking requirements.

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Leading global manufacturer & supplier of GPS Tracker, Fitness Monitoring Equipment’s & iOT Services

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