Benefits that OBD tracking unit is adding to your Telematics Solutions!

OBD 4G Car Tracker VT400

GPS based navigation modules can now be found on almost every car on the road! These are not simply to help you find your route but they go beyond finding the shortest route for you. Real-time vehicle tracking was once rather complicated to implement the concept due to technical, and hardware limitations in automobiles. But with the invention of technologies, in recent years the notion has changed the way we drive cars.

Another advancement of the modern era is OBD or On-board diagnostics. With this tracking unit, you can avail the benefit of fleet management software to improve your fleet operations and make fuel and global fleet savings. OBD devices also come with smartphone app connectivity. This means that whether you are inside the car or outside, you can still track your car’s location and do a lot more from your smartphone.


It’s easy to install and use. In other words, you can term this device as Plug & play GPS device because of the reason that it is easy to install and track. It has 16 pins to connect to OBD standard connector!

It collects more data. Because OBD trackers are plugged into the car, it can accumulate the information from the car to help you understand your car better. With the help of OBD tracker, you can even track your vehicle’s fuel economy and mileage. It also records all your history route data!

It helps you drive better. The GPS tracker automatically detects unsafe driving behaviours such as speeding or sudden braking. It comes with alarm message to let you know the driving pattern of the driver. Further, you can set a GEO-fence!

Control and monitor with a swipe: Much similar to other smart technologies, today’s smart OBD trackers are accessible with apps that can be downloaded on smartphones. Each OBD installed, would be given a cloud space to store data composed in real-time.

Compatibility with 95% cars: The huge automobile sector in Germany is the hub of many branded cars and OBD trackers are seamlessly attuned with them! Our 4G tracker support GPS/LBS/Wi-Fi mode positioning.

Big flash memory: It can store more than 14,000 pieces data and around 4-5 hours a day!

Smart power IC chips & remote up gradation (OTA): Automatic switch off when a car is parked and can upgrade the firmware with the latest functions.

ThinkRace Technology- taking car tracking to next level

If you are looking for a way to track a vehicle, it’s worth thinking about what kind of tracker you want. If you want to track a vehicle in multiple aspects, not just location, OBD trackers from ThinkRace Technology are the way to go!

There are copious solutions when it comes to smart OBD devices and we are one of the most accepted ones that deliver real-time vehicle tracking with web tracking platforms and open API. The TLS (transport layer security) and MQTT (message queuing telemetry transport) protocols that we harvested in our product that will benefit you in providing complete security and faster data production!

With over 12 years of experience in providing the clients with GPS tracking and IoT technologies solution, we have deep industry knowledge and know how to optimally deal with you! Moreover, to present you on the internet, we provide ODM/OEM/JDM services in order to help you in building your brand.