Keep your elderly safe and sound with GPS tracker!

Pt 88

When an Alzheimer’s patient disappeared last month in Dortmund during his daily bicycle ride, the family members initially approached the search like any other missing person case. Law enforcement agencies commenced their search methods. An unexpected call let the authorities change their strategies. The missing man was found lying in leaves next to his ride, about a quarter-mile from his apartment.

Age factor and augment of diseases

Dementia and other similar conditions repeatedly cause older adults to become disoriented or lost in both familiar and unfamiliar places. A behavior that normally affects those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and depression wandering can lead to death or serious injury. As a result of longevity and low fertility over the years. The population in need of rates, the elderly population (age 75 and older) in Germany has enlarged dramatic care is projected to increase from over a million to over 2 million people in 2020, which is about 2% of the population in Germany.

Tracking with Technology

With advancements in personal GPS tracking technology, it is now possible for elderly patients who suffer from Alzheimer’s and dementia to live much less assisted lives, oftentimes even in the console of their own homes. A GPS tracking device is attached to the patient, in the form of a smartwatch. Then the caretaker can use a smartphone or computer to ensure their whereabouts at any point in time. This can be enormously useful in cases where elderly individuals are prone to wander and get lost, or when they want to go out and run tasks or take walks without the pressure of being accompanied by their family. Further, the device can be programmed to send a notification when the wearer has passed outside of a definite boundary line, called a GEO- Fence.

Another supplementary benefit of using a GPS tracking device for people is the addition of an SOS button so that elderly patients can call for help in the happening of an emergency. GPS tracking will permit family and emergency personnel to trace them rapidly and effortlessly.

How ThinkRace Technology can help the Elderly

A GPS tracking device PT88 will enable seniors to live securely and provide peace of mind to their family members about how they are doing. Within the unit, a GPS, cellular connection, accelerometer, heart rate sensor and other activity sensors work together to keep linked, measure activity levels, provide real-time location; consent to make an emergency call.

Mobile Apps & Web Portal App

The apps and application software use Google Maps to show up to date locations as frequently as every 2-minutes. You can log-in anywhere to your account using a computer, or select Android or Apple iOS mobile devices. Breathe easier knowing you are able to keep up with your loved ones!

Highlights of the GPS tracking smartwatch:

  • Alerts sent near real-time when tracker is out of zone
  • Smartphone or tablet shows location on Google Maps
  • Easily strapped on the hand
  • SOS Button
  • Avoid disturb mode
  • Two- way communication with family members

One of the known hospital brands, wanted GPS tracker to monitor their patients, we put our product to their immediate help and even manufactured our products catering to their demand. We crafted a brand product for them under their name serving them with our top-notch ODM/OEM/JDM services.