Debunking the top 8 car tracking myths of fleet management!

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In this connected world, a plethora of transportation Companies is managing an effectual fleet with the assist of real-time GPS tracking system. It is the root of the newest technological development made in the industry.

The piece of information is that Telematics or GPS devices are vital for maintaining smooth business processes. A higher car tracking system monitors the driver behaviors and sends automatic alerts during emergency moments. The car GPS tracking device facilitates in plummeting vehicle idling, perk ups vehicle maintenance, and provides the routing information.

However, there are some business possessors who still don’t deem car GPS tracking solution as a worthy investment. Their verdict is masked by some misconceptions linked to the applications and capabilities of these devices. Here, these myths are deflating for shedding the light on the practicability of GPS tracking.

Myth 1: The drivers are always under the supervision

The Companies can monitor their fleet on a real-time basis using the car GPS tracking system.  It is not a cell phone tracking system where the drivers are traced minute by minute. Rather, these systems track the cars by providing dots on a map that you must join for finishing the picture.

Myth 2: GPS tracking devices condenses the driver’s output and work efficiency

Many Companies think that real-time tracking devices will hinder the daily routines and average productivity of their drivers. That’s not true. GPS fleet management system establishes working as soon as a driver turns on the ignition. These devices routinely collect and transmit the data.

Myth 3: GPS tracking is not a business inevitability

The cell phones cannot provide precise information related to real-time car location, movement history, driver’s speed, hard braking, and other precious metrics.

On the other hand, GPS car tracking devices are incorporated with high-end features that permit all these functions for the help of your Company. You can make sure safe driving and keep your vehicle on the roads with normal preventive maintenance.

Myth 4: GPS is a costly affair

With appropriate implementation, these systems can recognize the inefficiencies costing thousands of dollars every month to your Company. You can diminish these needless expenses by selecting the best real-time tracking system. It is like an investment where you should mull over the ROI in a long-run.

Myth 5: Small businesses do not call for GPS tracking system

Another misconception that Telematics is meant only for enterprise-sized corporations only! Even a small company with 3-4 vehicles can profit from this system.

Myth 6: If the employees are trustworthy, there is no need for GPS tracking

This parable can get many business owners and fleet managers into a nuisance. The want for GPS tracking devices for cars is not driven by trust issues but to ensure precision and prevent costly mistakes during maneuvers.

Myth 7: Real-Time GPS tracking is prolonged

It does not take an irrationally long time to install the GPS systems. The fleet tracking solutions can be time-intensive if you require them to be. The hottest technologies have made these products easy to install and use.  A plug& play GPS tracker for a car is tranquil to install and effortless to use.

Myth 8: GPS is just a product

Many business owners consign a blunder by perceiving GPS as a product. GPS tracking system is a service that provides reliable support and information about the real-time location and conditions of your complete fleet.

To put to GPS Tracking Myths for Fleet Management in nutshell:

Instead of considering the myths or making further assumptions, fleet management Companies should deem this growth. Also, assess the effectiveness of tracking systems in augmenting the productivity and dipping the operational costs for the businesses in the long-run.

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