Family Safety

The family is most important part of one’s life, and their safety is utmost. ThinkRace offers a  wide range of wearable in family safety range, from elderly GPS watches and watches for all age group to personal trackers and pet wearable GPS devices.
Safeguard your family, stay in touch with them, look after them and have a peace of mind,  always stay updated with their location, communication at the time of emergency. We also equip business with our ODM/OEM/JDM service so to define their own products by using IOT/Wireless/GPS technology combined with different sensors.

family safety

Family Safety Products

  • Kid Safety Wearable
  • Pet GPS Tracker
  • Personal Tracker
  • Elder Care GPS Watch


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All Products For Family Safety

Using Family Safety a parent can restrict what web sites a child visits, what applications they can use, and when they are allowed to use the computer. Family Safety will also send out daily and weekly reports to the parents that contain detailed information about a particular child’s activity on the computer.

Kids Safety

ThinkRace understands the kid’s safety concerns you and what concerns you concerns us so we are here to cater all your needs. We provide all kind of wearable device and locator for kids, that will give you peace of mind. All our wearable devices are Android and iOS supporting. We always thrive to innovate and create the incredible user experience. It’s an apt solution to safeguard your kids and equip them with safety and freedom.

kids safety
personal tracker

Personal Tracker

PT36 is a small GPS Tracker which is perfect for kids, elders as well as adults. Being one of the smallest GPS Trackers in the world, it still doesn’t compromise on features. It is equipped with real-time tracking feature, voice monitoring function, wireless magnetic charging port, and SOS button and comes with an IP67 Waterproof Rating.

Pet Tracker

We all adore our pets and when it comes to their safety we are very sceptic. And for the safety of your pets, we built pet tracker which assists you to locate your pet’s current location – anytime, anywhere. We also provide pet tracking application for Smartphone users.

pet tracker
elderly care

Elderly Care

GPS Elderly care device by ThinkRace. This device will enable seniors to live safely and provide peace of mind to their family members about how they are doing. Inside the unit, a GPS, cellular connection,accelerometer, heart rate sensor and other activity sensors work together to keep connected, measure activity levels, provide real-time location, allow to make an emergency call.

Along with the partners from all over the world, ThinkRace renders OEM/ODM/JDM services to their invaluable clients and partners. With our partner we share the same vision for the solutions of safety and security. To be the one, contact us.


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