How can you take care of your haustiere in the heart of Europe?

Pet Safety

Located at the centre of Europe, Germany is the most populous member of the European Union with a population of around 82 million inhabitants. Along with the human beings, it has a large number of non-human companions who are considered a part of the family. From public transport to some offices, you will find a pet almost everywhere in Germany.

Pets are quite popular in Germany and the people are very fond of keeping non-farm animals such as dogs, cats and rabbits. Germans are very serious about the rules and regulations and are keen on taking animal welfare on serious terms. Let us discuss a few initiatives that are extremely important to take proper care of our pets.

1. Large number of vets
Germany is a country that has no shortage of animal doctors who may easily work out the problems with your pets and treat them with utmost care. The vets will also guide you about the vaccination of your pets. It is advised to register to a particular vet and get treatment under his guidance only.

2. Proper vaccination
People are very strict about the vaccinations of pets in Germany. Even the immigration laws are quite strong and allow the entry of only those pets in the country who are properly vaccinated against dangerous diseases such as rabies for dogs etc.
3. Dog tax
Dogs are the most important animals in Germany and therefore, the owners of the dogs are required to pay taxes for keeping a dog. The taxes are levied in order to maintain the no-kill policy and provide shelter homes and care to dogs. There are many exceptions where the owners are exempted from the tax. There is no tax on any other pet.

4. Pet Insurance
Ensuring our furry friends is a necessary step to maintain their health and well-being. Pet insurance includes health cover to meet the expenses of the vets. Also, there is a dog liability insurance that covers the damage caused by the dogs. From a bite to a bike crash, this insurance covers everything under the sun.

5. Pet trackers
One of the most important measures that can be taken to ensure the security of pets is to tie a pet tracker to their collar. A pet tracker is the safest way to protect your pets from unforeseen circumstances. The market is flourishing with companies that manufacture pet tracker. One of the leading manufacturers of efficient pet trackers is ThinkRace Technology. The pet tracker manufactured by the company goes by the name GPS Pet Tracker PT590. It uses the GPS and LBS systems to track the real-time location of your pets.
The pet tracker comes with a multitude of features such as voice monitoring and geo-fencing that ensures that your four-legged friends remain safe and sound. The device has an SOS button that can be triggered in case of adverse situations. We all know that pets love to splash water and therefore, our pet tracker comes with the advanced IP67 waterproof level so that your pets enjoy playing in water and you remain stress-free regarding their safety.