How OBD GPS tracker provides protection for fleet drivers


According to a report, every year 2.2 million people are injured and nearly 20,000 people die in road accidents. With the rise in road accident, it is very important to ensure your fleet vehicles are being driven correctly. No one plan for road accidents, when you take your vehicle on road it is very important to be attentive and more cautious.

Understanding the risks of fleet drivers

Through a recent report, it is clearly seen that young drivers have the highest rate of accidents and deaths among the other groups of drivers.

The inexperience teenage drivers contribute major part in road accidents. Drivers need to follow the safety guidelines when their vehicle hit the road. Sometimes driving for prolonged periods of time can be the prime reason for car accidents. It is advised to take short or frequent breaks if you are driving for long distance. Approximately 20% accident occurs due to vehicle issues, so don’t forget to diagnosis your vehicle before taking it out from your residential garage.

Protecting the vulnerable fleet drivers with OBD GPS car trackers!

OBD GPS Car Tracker is one solution to all your car safety related issues. OBD GPS Car Tracker manufacturer ThinkRace Technology is one of the leading GPS Tracker, IoT Solution & Fitness Monitoring Company. We have been providing OEM/ODM/JDM services to more than 500 clients. OBD GPS Car Tracker ODM service is what every car Companies, taxi Companies, and Fleet Management Companies should have in their vehicle. GPS Car Tracker help you to prevent accidents by monitoring and tracking your vehicle in real-time.

It is a simple plug-play device that can be easily installed in your car via OBD port. With this GPS car tracking device track the location of your car driven by friends, teenage and elderly drivers. This tracking device even secures your cars from thief as you will be able to monitor the location when it is out on the road.

This entire thing can be done via a mobile phone app built by our team. Simply install the app on your iOS or Android device and track the exact location of your car. Apart from monitoring or tracking it even diagnosis your car issues such as fuel consumption, real-time report on mileage etc.

We understand the safety of fleet drivers is our priority thus we advise every car Companies, taxi Companies, and Fleet Management Companies to use OBD GPS car tracking device.  GPS tracking provide safety and peace of my mind to both user and operator. Drive freely with GPS car tracker.