OBD or On-Board Diagnosis is plug and play device, It is a one-stop solution for fleet tracking devices that can be fitted within a matter of seconds. The SynX OBD tracker connects quickly and easily to the OBD II diagnostic port of the vehicle and starts collecting telematics data you will view in the software in the form of reports.

It is the best solution for business for tracking their cars and condition. OBD device is a plug and play device which connects to the OBD port of the car. Typically cars manufactured post-2008 have the OBD port within them. OBD tracker can be used in any vehicle manufactured after 1996.

These devices commonly used in fleet management: track objects in real time, get specific notifications, to generate reports and much more. While, families can use this GPS Tracker to see vehicle location, identify unsafe driving, such as rapid acceleration, hard braking, or speeding. OBD Tracker can protect your car from being stolen, with various alarms or ability to cut engine remotely, when the vehicle is stolen.

Smart Device for Cars

ThinkRace believes that we should just not use smartphones when we can device to make cars smart too. Being a major player in the manufacturing of GPS trackers ThinkRace thrives to make a change in people’s life.
These tracking devices are capable of tracking in the real-time. The best part of this device is that it can be installed in your car – without the need to get any help from any external physician. It is a device that when installed in your car will eventually turn yourself into a smart car and yourself into a smart driver.


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All Products for Obd Tracking

Please select a product for your business purpose from our asset trackers, if you do not find anthing you need, feel free to contact us, We will discuss more detail about your requirements, we can develop the new hardware or firmware for you.

Easy To Use - Simple Plug & Play Device For Car

OBD is a useful device that enables the companies to have more information about the vehicle. OBD tracker is the ability to read information from the vehicle. You can read Engine fault codes, and even monitor real-time statistics such as Engine RPM, vehicle speed, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), etc.

Plug & Play feature
It is a self-installed fleet tracking device for cars and light commercial vehicles that can be fitted within a matter of seconds. The tracking solution connects quickly and easily to the OBD II diagnostic port of the vehicle to capture telematics data that will not only provide a simple way of monitoring assets and protect against misuse, but also enable companies to ensure they are being driven responsibly to help maximize return on investment value.

GPS location

we believe that improvement is a continues process. ThinkRace thrives to get to the next level, We provide GPS trackers which just not have GPS but also LBS and Wi-Fi positioning services. In devices like OBD2, you get the features like Bluetooth and WiFi and supports real-time tracking. With the services like Geo-Fence, it enables you set to alarm if someone gets out of the specified location.

Mileage analysis and report

Our device unable you with the services like mileage Analysis reports. Now with this device, you can track the location as well as you have vital information about the vehicle like vehicle condition, over-speed alerts.

Fuel consumption monitor analysis

Why end user buy VT200 OBD2 tracker? As a OBD GPS tracker manufacturer, we know saving money is vital factor beside life and asset safety, our OBD2 VT200 can monitor total fuel consumption, over-speed fuel consumption, high speed fuel consumption, middle speed fuel consumption, low speed fuel consumption, idle fuel consumption, each part of corresponding percentage, accuracy can be reach 99.5%.

Driving behavior analysis

Dangerous driving behavior identification based on accurate detect, over speed driving, hard acceleration, hard deceleration, hard breaking, sharp turn, urgent lanes change, hard refuel, fatigue driving all kind of bad driving behavior should not happen any time for teenager or adult. Scoring after every trip ending, store in database as a reference judge condition for Usage Base Insurance (UBI), it is possible for parents to correct their kid’s driving behavior base on big data.

Vehicle health detect

The main purpose of OBD release is to check on the whole vehicle health, i.e. OBD diagnostic tool is the main feature, OBDII supports engine system detect, emission system detect, cooling system detect, power charging system detects, throttle system detects an idle system detect, error code read and error code clean, and over 300 parts and system detection can be done through this device which ultimately saves maintenance money.

OTA upgrade support

Think race provides you with the OTA services, which helps businesses to upgrade their devices and systems Over The Air. With the help of OTA, you need not worry about upgrades, with the help of IoT you devise system get upgraded automatically. These services are very useful for OBD user as you can have an upgrade anytime.

Trip report

GPS tracking devices are an enormously Valuable feature for those who want to keep a track on the route visited. With trip report you get have vital information, like average fuel consumption, driving behavior, and all this information help to reduce the cost and will add up to your companies productivity.

Power saving and SIM data saving

A device like OBD enables you with the services like power management of device so that you can focus on your business without worrying about other less important things. With the facility of power saving, the device can work more efficiently and effectively.

All kinds of Alarms

with the alarm services, you have the freedom to work worry-free because our device works for you.Business like fleet management- transportation and etc tends to get attracted towards these features as it helps them to have live information about their vehicle.

Software support service

ThinkRace Technology believes in providing one-stop service, using hardware you just not get the only a device but we also provide software services so that you can have all service at one stop. We provide software services like web tracking platform so that you can track and monitor data through the internet.

Our Clients of Obd products

ThinkRace have partners from all over the world. We provide OEM/ODM/JDM services to our clients/partners, we share the same vision with our partner to provide safety solution for the family. If you like to become one of them, please contact us.

To get more information about OBD Tracker Products dealership & partnership policies and for placing bulk order inquiries, please contact.

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