What are the benefits of luggage tracker?

AT15 Luggage Tracker

A recent study has acknowledged lost or delayed luggage as the foremost cause of stress in today traveller’s mind. As about three out of every 1,000 airline passengers arrive at their destination only to find their luggage misplaced. Most of the time, this is the result of an airline misprinting a routing label. But you could also merely leave it behind in an airport shop, lounge or restaurant, or it could be stolen. In spite of how you lose your bag, this is a problematic and traumatic event for any traveller.

An era of technology- Luggage tracker

With this kind of information, the criteria for selecting the right suitcase might be the one that could keep you from tormenting about lost or misplaced baggage ever again. This explains the simple reason of new trend in luggage this year which is innovative technology that permits the tracking of a bag’s location all along the journey. The advances in IoT technology have made luggage trackers more portable and affordable for travellers. These tracking systems have become increasingly reliant on a global scale! Tech-savvy travellers can now travel with confidence, knowing the real-time location, of their suitcase anywhere in the world.

Particularly, in some Countries like U.S and Germany, people prefer an organized way of travelling. So having a long standby battery backup GPS tracker for their belongings will surely add a perfectionist level to their travelling.

ThinkRace Technology- Asset Tracker (AT15)

Being a market leader in luggage tracking hardware and software, we offer our product with features like:

  • GPS/LBS/AGPS/Wifi mode positioning
  • Real-time location management
  • APN self-adaption configuration
  • Ultra long battery life
  • GEO fence technology

The benefits of luggage tracking device

A luggage tracking system that uses a Global SIM to attach to the cellular network, rather than paper routing numbers, is a much safer choice for travellers. Using luggage tracking device that connects to a mobile app, you can track your bags anywhere in the world, whether you’re in an airport or lounging on a Caribbean beach.

Tranquil way to use

A luggage tracking system should come with reliable tracking capabilities and sufficiently portable so that travellers could use it with ease. By merely tapping the app and application software on a smartphone, the luggage’s location is displayed on the app’s map, in real-time asset tracking.

Additional Services that we offer:

If you want to make your own asset tracking system with portability, global connectivity and security in mind, Start with ThinkRace Technology. Our expert team of mavens can help you craft a tracking system from scratch using our embedded module of OEM/ODM/JDM. Our web tracking platform and open API to track your luggage will add more advantages to travelling experience.

When it’s time to select the right suitcase, make your luggage SMART, and let smarter technology serve you enjoy a more victorious and stress-free travel experience.